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Rules of Distraction. Rules of Engagement.

on October 2, 2014

pay attentionYes…I’m committing to some rules to limit my distractions. But don’t worry..I haven’t sent my kids to their rooms for the next 30 days. Lol!
I’m talking about my love/hate fascination/obsession with Facebook. Yes, it’s a huge time suck. Yes, it’s often my source of news. Yes, I can waste minutes, hours without even noticing. Yes, it’s how I stay ‘connected’ with friends and family. But do I really? As I ‘connect’ with my friends on FB, I often am disconnected with those closest to me, those God has entrusted to me.  My people.   And that has to change.  Enough is enough!!!

So as of today, I’m enforcing some Rules of Distraction for myself.  Following these Rules of Distraction, will also start me on the path with some new Rules of Engagement.

1.) When I’m stressed (especially because of those sweet little ‘distractions’ I call my kids;) I will not turn to my phone for distraction.  I will turn to my Savior in prayer.

2.) For the next 7 days, I will only check Facebook every 15 minutes.   I will turn away from FB, and turn toward my family and  friends for connection.

3.) After Oct. 9th, I will only check Facebook every 30 minutes.  More turning toward real connection with my people.

4.) I will only reply to comments on the blog at the _:45 minute mark of the hour.  This may be hard, as I’m just launching this blog….but I’m committed.  I need to put a limit on myself on this, so I am sure I do not engage with my readers to the detriment of being distracted from engaging with my people. 

The irony of limiting distractions as I launch a blog and participate in a #Write31Days challenge…it’s not lost on me.  It makes me laugh when I think of it.  And any of you that know the crazy and chaos that is me…you’re probably laughing too.  But my hope, my prayer, for me, for you….is that we replace the distractions we’ve allowed to creep, crawl or storm into our lives with engagement with our Heavenly Father.  And time spent with the Father will never return void.   May He fulfill us in ways that nothing this side of Heaven ever can.


2 responses to “Rules of Distraction. Rules of Engagement.

  1. keldredge99 says:

    I finally figured out how to follow you! There’s a little gray box that says follow at the bottom right of the screen! Love your post…I am going to walk off a cliff one day because I’m looking at my phone… 😦


    • Why do you think I barely used my phone on our trip out west this summer? I literally could’ve walked off a cliff!! (And probably would’ve!). Maybe THATS why National Parks don’t have wifi! 😉


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