Finding the Meaning, Joy and Purpose…

…in the chaos and the crazy

When Distraction and Perfection Collide….

on October 3, 2014

It was a dark and stormy day…. ok that’s so cliché….yet so true.

It is a dark and stormy day here in southeast Michigan.. and my day is going nothing like I planned.  And I don’t like that.  Because, well…I’m a perfectionist.  And I’m selfish, and I’m tired, and I’m grumpy and I really don’t deal with change well.

And what I really need to do is put on some worship music, take a deep breath, say a little prayer…essentially reboot this crazy mind of mine to focus on what really matters. 

{talk amongst yourselves }  

I’m back…and I feel a lot better.  I get so wrapped up in the crazy and chaos, I forget to focus on the meaning, joy and purpose of my life and thank Him for all of it.

It’s amazing how a simple moment of quiet prayer can bring me back around to center. Back to Him. The Maker, the Sustainer, the Alpha and the Omega, the Prince of Peace, The Lord of Lords, my Hope, my Joy, my Love.

And then, my storms don’t seem so bad, my change of plans are really ok, and I can rest in His peace.

And maybe, He’ll even show you exactly what to write when your mind is swirling, you haven’t written your blog post for the day, your computer is about to die, it’s almost time to wake up little boys to rush out to pick up little girls from school in the rain and 5 people are texting you at once. Because My God is awesome like that!!

And I am continually in awe of how He loves me.


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