Finding the Meaning, Joy and Purpose…

…in the chaos and the crazy

When the Crazy Kicks In

on October 6, 2014
Fran Bates
Shortly after I felt the nudge from God on my topic for the #Write31Days, Letting Go of Distractions and Perfectionism, I borrowed a few CD’s from our library.  One of them was Francesca Battistelli’s “If We’re Honest”.  The second song, When the Crazy Kicks In made my jaw drop.  If I were to write (or better yet have written by a musician) a theme song for this series…perhaps for my life…THIS is the song it should be!!!  The words resonated so strongly for me that I actually toyed with changing the name of my blog, my series…pretty much every decision I had made about this crazy endeavor of writing.
Here’s a section of the song:
When The Crazy Kicks In By Francesca Battistelli
  • Here I go tiptoeing to the kitchen
    And don’t you know, crash goes the coffee cup
    My only chance to be still and listen
    Lord, don’t let, don’t let the kids wake up
    A little time with You, the only way to get me through the day
  • Oh, come meet me in this moment
    Before it all gets going
    These plates start to spin
    When the crazy kicks in
    A circus of distractions
    It’s just about to happen
    I’ll be ready when
    When the crazy kicks in


I think that starts the second I wake up…and doesn’t stop until I drift off to sleep…


I think that starts the second I wake up…and doesn’t stop until I drift off to sleep…

Is there a theme here?

I think there is…and not only does Francesca explain the problem, she shares the solution. (my kids know how happy this makes me…I’m constantly asking them for solutions to the ‘problems’ aka complaining, they share with me…I realize this is an area I wish I had realized to focus on more as they were little…it’s so easy to just solve their problems for them when they’re little instead of teach them to problem solve.  Mommy fail! 😉

 “A little time with You, the only way to get me through the day”

Really…that’s all it takes.  A little time…with Him.  Maybe your schedule, in this season, only allows you a few minutes in the morning before the crazy kicks in kids wake up.  Maybe you’re in a season where the  plates start to spin before you even wake up, and your alarm clock is a crying baby.  Or a cranky teenager.  And that little time in the morning shrinks away.

Can I suggest something?  Throughout your day…just stop, take a deep breath…and whisper “Jesus”.  And He will meet you in that moment.  Right then, right there…because He’s already there, whether you realize it or not.  He just wants you to meet Him there.  Notice Him.

In the chaos of the laundry (thank you Lord that we are blessed with clothes to wear and the resources to clean them) grass stains (thank you Lord that my kids are healthy and strong to run and play.  And when they fell and got this grass stain, they got back up, and did it all over again.  Thank you that they have a safe place to play in the fresh air.) meal prep (thank you Lord that we have food to feed our family) and cleaning the house (thank you Lord that we have a place to call home, protect us from the elements and keep us safe) we can breathe a little prayer of thanks to the Lord who gives us the Meaning, Joy and Purpose in all of our chaos and crazy.

And He WILL meet you… and help you…and love you…and sustain you…and help you with your spinning plates

I promise you, my friend.


5 responses to “When the Crazy Kicks In

  1. Danielle says:

    Whispering RIGHT now…. So many distractions and it’s only 11am…. Thank you! So glad I saw the post on FB today. I needed this….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Diana says:

    Keep ,” When the Crazy Kicks In ” in your title , love it! Thanks for the reminder to call on Jesus!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really liked how you incorporated lyrics from Francesca and made them relatable in real life for your post! This is what I am attempting to do for my own write 31 day challenge, but I think you nailed it with this post:) Best of luck to you on #write31days!


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