Finding the Meaning, Joy and Purpose…

…in the chaos and the crazy

A Completely Ordinary, Amazing Day

on October 7, 2014

Yesterday I had such an amazing day.  It was completely ordinary.  A ‘textbook’ Monday.

And then it happened…

God gave me the opportunity to be a blessing.  And I took it. 15 minutes of my time to run an errand was a huge help to a teacher that needed some classroom supplies.

Then He gave me another opportunity…in the form of a Diet Coke.  And I took it. 5 minutes and $1.06 put a smile on a new friend’s face.  She’s battling a battle that I know little about…but God knows it all.  And He told me to go buy her a Diet Coke.  So I did.

Once, I was asked by a person, once by my Father.

And through my distractions, my chaos and my crazy…I knew I should say yes.  And I did.

There are so many times I get a whisper from Him, but I ignore it.  I don’t want to get out of my comfort zone…’put myself out there’.  And I miss out.  On blessing that person, and on blessing myself.  Does God love me less when I ignore His whisper?  Absolutely not.  Does He love me more when I obey His whisper?  Absolutely not.

My obedience, or lack of it, does not change how my Father loves me.  But when I ignore Him, or when I say no to Him, I miss out.  I miss out on the communion with Him that I experience when I obey.  I miss out on feeling His love wash over me.  I miss out on the joy He has waiting for me.

I miss out when I say no.

And in His beautiful grace, He had a number of people today reach out to me to share how my writing is encouraging them. I even had a friend text me from work to tell me how deeply my words affected her.  Comments on the blog…FB messages.  God placed words of encouragement on other people’s hearts.  And they said yes.  And I was blessed.  And I hope they were too.

Now please hear me on this…I am NOT saying that because I obeyed God, He then blessed me by having people encourage me. There’s no equation at work here (I do for God=He does for me). I believe with every fiber of my being that very likely, He would’ve had those same people share those same words with me today whether I said yes or no to His requests.

But oh how sweet, was it for me to bless others today.  To put a real smile on a face that has worry written all over it.  To see the look of relief on a stressed out face.   To know I encouraged a friend with too much on her plate.  And literally…as I type this…for one of my precious boys to come to me and say thank you for telling him how I noticed he’s working harder in school and complimenting him on his progress.

I’m crying happy tears as I type because of the way that I feel so loved, so blessed, so full of joy.  My was fulfilled today.  Today was an amazing day.  And it was completely ordinary.  Except, that it wasn’t.  And I wouldn’t want it to have been any other way.

I hope my week, my month, my years…my life  are filled with completely ordinary, amazing days.  I couldn’t hope for more.

Has the #Write31Days challenge taken a lot of my time…yes it has.  But  ignoring the many distractions of my life and mind  to take time to not only notice the needs of the people in my life but to meet them the best I can…that’s progress,  And maybe, just maybe…God is using all this to bring me full circle.


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