Finding the Meaning, Joy and Purpose…

…in the chaos and the crazy

My Epiphany…or My DUH Moment… You Choose…

on October 22, 2014


Maybe you’ve realized this…and maybe I’m really dense…but after writing Thank You For Being There…

I had a lightbulb moment…

Not all distractions are bad!!!

Well DUH!

I am sometimes amazed at how the simplest things are hidden in my mind.

Taking care of my son that night while he had a migraine (and ironically I had a horrible headache) was the last thing on my to do list that night.  And I guess, in reality, I could’ve not laid with him, held the puke bucket, prayed relentlessly, rubbed his back, or tried to comfort him.  But in the amazing blessing of the way God has made me…not ‘being there’ for him wasn’t even a choice for me.  It never crossed my mind.

I was both encouraged and saddened to hear from a friend after she read that post, that she wished her mom would’ve comforted her when she was a child like I did for Monkey Boy that night.  I truly can’t imagine not ‘being there’ for one of my kids in a situation like that.  I know that she has changed that cycle in her family, and I thank God for that.

God has blessed me with so many beautiful distractions.

And when I don’t give that hug, that smile, that word of encouragement, a moment of time to really listen,  the person who would receive it isn’t the only one missing out.  I miss out too.  I miss out on the joy and purpose that God has given me…to enjoy those He has placed in my life, to love them well and most importantly, to point them to Him.

May I not miss another beautiful God-given distraction in the midst of my chaos and crazy…and may I love my distractions well.

What God-given distractions do you need to give more attention, more love?

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