Finding the Meaning, Joy and Purpose…

…in the chaos and the crazy

Lucky 13…

on October 28, 2014

This is my 13th written post on the blog this month.  I’ve posted a few images, and though I guess they ‘count’ as posts for the #Write31Days challenge, I don’t consider them as ‘real’ posts.I actually didn’t realize I had written that many posts, it feels like I haven’t written that much.  A little more than every 2 days for an average isn’t bad…not what I had hoped for, but especially since my series is about Letting Go of distractions and perfectionism, I think I’m growing in one area, and digressing in another.  I’ll let you choose which is which. 😉

I am proud of myself for not beating myself up for not writing every day.  That’s huge for me!!!  And I’m doubly proud of myself for not giving up entirely since I didn’t stick with my original plan to write and post every day.  I unfortunately have a tendency to go with a ‘all or nothing’ approach to commitments.  And since I ‘blew’ it early on by not writing and posting every day, my default would be to give up.  But I haven’t, and for that I say…


This month has been unusually busy, so the distractions have been many.  But have they been good!!!

First we had our ‘oldest son’ come visit us.  When he was in college, he spent a lot of time with our family, and even lived with us for part of a summer.  He’s currently raising support to move to Turkey to spread the Gospel.  Hopefully he’ll guest post someday here.  It was so wonderful to see him.  Our boys hadn’t seen him since we moved to Michigan 5 years ago, and me and Hubs hadn’t seen him for 2 years.  What a blessing it is to see how on fire he is for the Lord.  I cannot wait to hear how lives are transformed as he tells the story of Jesus to people who haven’t yet heard.

IMG_0132  All my boys together again!!!!!

(of course his visit included football!)

Then my parents came to visit for a week.  It is always wonderful to spend time with them.  I love that they are both retired and take the time to come to visit us a few times a year.

Imagine that…


 …more football!

Did I mention that Mr. Football got moved up to practice with the Varsity team for playoffs?  We all might be a tad bit excited and crazy proud of him!  This Friday he will be on the sidelines (I don’t dare hope he’ll actually get in for a play!) dressed in a varsity uniform.  Proud Momma moment!!!  And if/when they win..he’ll be able to letter.  Pretty awesome for a freshman!!!  What a great way to show kids that hard work pays off.

So for our 3rd and final (I sure hope;) distraction of the month…comes this guy!!!!


IMG_0261 Named after this guy!

Yes..I evidently needed to add some more chaos and crazy into our lives by adopting this cutie.  But with crazy and chaos comes meaning, joy and purpose, and I’m thankful for the joy he brings and the ability to give a sweet little stray pup a loving family.  The more the merrier!  I hope that showing our boys there’s ‘always room for one more’ whether a college student, visiting family members, or furry friend, will give them purpose and meaning in their lives.

May we love because He first loved us.

And may we always have room in our hearts, our homes, our lives, for one more.


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