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Let the Light Shine…

on November 4, 2014


(originally posted Sept 15, 2009)

Every morning, the sun rises in our backyard, over the nature preserve.  As the sun rises, it shines, and often blasts, into our kitchen.  I’m always so thankful for the transformation the kitchen experiences from a dark, predawn room into a bright and cheery room, full of  light, cool air, and the beautiful sounds of the birds and other creatures outside.  My 3 ‘creatures’ inside add a good bit of sounds, too.  From laughter, singing, and the occasional argument, you never know what sounds you’ll hear!

I often notice how my mood changes with the rising of the sun.  When it’s dark, I can feel dreary (especially when I realize I forgot to add the coffee grounds into the coffee pot last night!) and as the sun rises over the horizon, I feel lighter, happier and full of anticipation for a new day.

I realize my journey with the Lord is quite like that.  I was in the dark before I accepted Christ into my life.  But when He shined his light into my life, I lit up with His love.  My eternity was brought into the light, too.  But then, there was a time that I left the light.  I thought I could do life better on my own.  Did lots in the ‘darkness’ that I wish I hadn’t.  Many regrets of stupid choices I made while not in the light.  Living for myself was not the way.  BUT, the best part, was that He never gave up on me.  Not that I deserved it.  I left everything I grew up learning, believing and living for.  But He never gave up on me.  He was faithful, when I didn’t deserve it.  He saved me, when I didn’t deserve it.  He protected me, when I didn’t deserve it.  He loved me, when I didn’t deserve it.  When all I did was ignore Him and what I knew was right, He was still right there, loving me, protecting me, and forgiving me.  I am humbled beyond words at His faithfulness in His love, protection and grace.  I do not deserve any of these, but accept them in awe.

So where does my kitchen fit in all of this?  As I was making my second pot of coffee this morning (well, third if you count the one I made without adding the coffee grounds!) I was noticing how dirty my coffee maker is.  Lots of spots and water marks all over it.  I’ve noticed this a few days now, just never gotten around to wiping it down, because when I notice it, I’m usually busy making breakfast and packing lunches, so I don’t take the time to do it.  But here’s why I don’t go back and do it later….I really can’t see the dirty, spots, imperfections unless the sun is shining right on it.  Can’t see it except for the early morning when the sun is shining down low in the windows.   And I realized something this morning……… my life and faith are just like that!!!!!!  When I’m spending time with God, reading the Bible, praying, serving him, in His light, he shines on my  spots, dirty places and imperfections.  He reveals to me what needs some cleaning, washing, refining.  But when I’m not close to Him on a daily and constant basis, when He’s not a priority, I look ‘clean’, enough.  But I need His light to clean me up constantly!

Lord, please shine your Light into my life.  I need your refining light to reveal to me what areas of my life need cleaning up.  I know you speak to me in many ways, and I trust you.  Please give me the strength to clean up the areas that you reveal to me.  Knowing what they are is only part of the journey, but I pray that you would also reveal how to clean these imperfections, and keep them that way.  I thank you for your love, faithfulness and grace.  In Your precious son Jesus’ name, Amen.


3 responses to “Let the Light Shine…

  1. OMG this post is so touching me.. I read the first paragraph in somewhat of a hurry. Then I was a little interested. So I jumped to the end to read the mini prayer… I am about to cry!! I felt guilty and went back and took the time to fully read your post.
    Thanks so much for posting.

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  2. Beautiful; love the picture, the imagery of the Light…thank you for sharing! And love the prayer at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

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