Finding the Meaning, Joy and Purpose…

…in the chaos and the crazy


(maybe this time I’m writing this I’ll notice I should save this before I try to add images to it 😉

I’m good at noticing…it’s just what I notice that is the problem.

The shoes left on the floor under the coffee table, the handprint on the refrigerator, the dirty dishes carelessly thrown in the sink, the terse response to a question, the bickering of my boys.

I notice those things…like a boss.

But it’s the important things, the meaningful things, the joyful moments, I often forget to notice.

The way my boys always say ‘I love you” before they hang up the phone from talking with me (unless they call from school and there’s a girl with them…but that’s a whole other post ;)…even if they just spoke to me on the phone 2 minutes earlier.

The long hug from my husband for no reason.

The coffee pot filled with water and coffee grounds waiting for me for the morning, set by my sweet, sweet new teenager.

coffee pot

Seeing this last night, after we had been out at Mr. Football’s football banquet, made my heart melt.

I could’ve focused on the sneakers and snow boots left strewn around the house, the binders and books left on the kitchen table, the Nerf bullets littering the floors, but seeing that my boys thought of a way to bless me…to notice something about their momma that she loves, and still needed to be done…it reminds me that they are noticing me.

And that’s a blessing and a huge responsibility.  Because as they notice how I go through my moments, my days, my years, I am modeling how to follow Christ.  How to respond with love to the strewn about shoes, handprints on the refrigerator, and the dirty dishes.  The chaos and crazy of life on this earth.  And if I’m not noticing the meaning, the joy and the purpose of it all, I’m missing the whole point of the time I spent this side of eternity.

May I become a noticer of the good, and an ignorer of the bad.

May that be a legacy I pass on to my kids.

And I pray that it is one you leave for your loved ones too.



Oh…still.  That’s something I hardly ever am.


Of course, us believers know Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.”

Know He’s God?  I’ve got that.  But the still part?  That’s much harder.

This week I was forced to be still with my son, who was in the hospital for observation for seizures for 3 days.  He literally had to be still.  He had 23 electrodes glued to his head that were attached to a snazzy electrical board that he kept in a little backpack.  Want to hear God’s sense of humor?  The backpack they brought him had a monkey on it.  For my “Monkey Boy”…I knew God was in this whole thing when I saw the monkey backpack.


Always with a sense of humor and a whole lot of joy!!!


This is what 23 wires, a red china marker and a lot of glue looks like on a sweet little head!

Anyway, not only was he glued and wired up, but there was a huge cord that attached all this fun stuff to an outlet on the wall.  With a  thick cord that stretched….right to the door of our hospital room.  He could creep a toe out at best.

He was still this week.

And he got antsy at times, what 9 year old wouldn’t, but we had such a delightful time together.  I thoroughly enjoyed being still with him.  So much so, that we both were a little sad when they discharged him.


Have I mentioned we call this adorable Batman celebrating No Shave November Monkey Boy? There’s good reason!

We wanted more time.  Time to be still.  Time to enjoy each other’s company.  Time to ignore the outside world and focus on each other.


This…this is the joy of being still with my boy!

And as I type this…I realize….that’s what my God wants from me too.

He wants me to take time to be still with Him.  Take time to enjoy His company.  Take time to ignore the outside world and focus on Him.

But He needed to get me still before, in the chaos and crazy of my life and my head, I’d remember this important truth.

And I need to take His challenge to be Still before Him.  I will be all the better, stronger, and more peaceful for it.

I hope you’ll join me…well, really join HIM.

And I’ll start today.